What Would You Like To Know?

I am a proud Canadian, despite my hatred for cold weather and hockey.

I live just outside of Toronto, Ontario, with my wife and daughter. We have two cats (Rupert & Fiona), as well as two dogs (Rascal and Abbie). If you are a dog person, you can follow our two maniacs on Instagram @abbie_and_rascal or with the hashtag #abbieandrascal.

I’ve been working at Automattic since 2016. My current role is the Director of Support for Pressable.

I’ve been in Customer Service for the past decade. What started as a retail job to keep an income while going back to school, turned into a lifelong passion. Automattic marks my third dedicated customer service job and I have no plans in changing my career path 🙂

Some other things in life that make me tick;

  • Wood Working – I enjoy making everything from cutting boards to dining room tables
  • Video Games – For the past few years, it’s mostly been League of Legends (TSM! TSM! TSM!)
  • Being outdoors – I love hiking, camping, and just enjoying nature
  • Technology – If connects to the internet, has cables or is programmable… I dig it!
  • Great TV/Movies – Binge watching a good show on Netflix, is there anything better?
  • Colour! Life is too short for boring black and white. I like bright colours in everything, clothing, paint, furniture, dishes, you get the point