Back in March, the last snowstorm of the year brought down part of my fence, while I was over in Lisbon for my team meet-up (which reminds me, I never made a post about that trip). The fence was actually two fences. One that my neighbour had put up 30+ years ago and a second on my side that was simply nailed to the previously mentioned fence. It was poorly made and never maintained.

Its failure was inevitable as most of the posts were rotted out and the majority of the fence boards were completely rotten for the bottom 3-4 inches.

Its collapse meant it had to be replaced, despite how much my dogs loved exploring the newly discovered area of my neighbour’s yard 😀

This weekend was the weekend I picked to demolish the old fence and build a new one. Thankfully it just happened to coincide with a sale on structure and pressure treated wood at my local lumber yard! #winning

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