The time is almost here.

In 36hrs, I’ll be back at work. Having finished my 3 month sabbatical.

Such an amazing perk of my work and I’m so lucky to have it. However, that doesn’t make this any less difficult 😛 Going back is going to be tough. Especially since about 1/3rd of my sabbatical was spent doing daycare for my daughter every time she got tiniest bit sick at daycare and had to stay home (thanks COVID).

In any case, it was still an amazing break. Lots of hiking with the dogs, watching TV Shows/Movies that have been on my “watch lists” forever. And even a couple little projects around the house.

As much as I’d love to get paid to remain on vacation, I am excited to see what my team has been up to. My role at work this year was very scattered and temporarily took on a lot of responsibilities that kept me from completed my actual goals. So it will be nice to be able to actually dive into the work I wanted to be doing before I went on sabbatical.

Quick summary on the last couple months:

  • Willow LOVED Halloween. She talked about dressing up as a witch for almost two months leading up to Halloween. She was too young to really appreciate it last year. However this year, she thought it was incredible that she just knocked on someone’s door and got candy!
  • Willow also got to feed and ride a horse for the first time and she loved it. I feel like she might grow up to be a horse girl, just like her mommy was.
  • Fall seemed to pass by way too quickly and we jumped right into snow. That’s my queue to now be grumpy 24/7 until around May 🙂
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