Woodworking Monday

Talking with my co-workers this morning about what I did on the weekend, they declared that Monday’s were now “Woodworking Mondays”, as every Monday I would update them on what I did in my shop 😛

Well, I think you can guess what this post is about…



I decided that I’m going to begin selling some of my creations on the side once I finish up a couple things that are currently on my plate. With that in mind, I need to start stockpiling some inventory. This weekend I spent some time creating some blanks for various cutting & serving boards. They are still all at a rough finish, so I need still spend some time giving them a bit of TLC.

Spending time with friends

This past weekend was a long weekend (Victoria Day), so my wife and I headed out of town to meet up with my best friends. We all got together in London, Ontario for the weekend to laugh and have a good time. It was great getting some face to face time as that is now rare with some of my friends due to geographic distance.

London is also where Abbie’s foster family is, so we met up with them for lunch before we left town. They are great people, so it’s always nice to spend time with them. I was also able to give them a present that I had made them:


Hopefully they enjoy their new cutting board 🙂

On the holiday Monday, I spent most of the day working on opening our pool. The pool cover had fallen into the pool half way through the winter. This meant that all of the crud that built up on the cover was now in our pool. Because of this, it took about 6hours of work to get our pool from Brown/Black, back to a normal pool colour 😛  I’ll spend this week getting the water’s levels right and then we should be able to start swimming in another week (weather permitting).

New board finished and new site coming soon!

New board finished and new site coming soon!

I finished up a new cutting board on the weekend. It’s a live edge piece of Hard Maple for a wedding gift.

I engraved the Bride & Grooms names into the board, as well as their wedding date on the weekend. I also made a DIY lightbox so that I can take some proper photos 😛

I also got a new site started on the weekend that I’m going to feature and sell my woodworking projects from. Stay tuned for more on that as I finish the site 🙂

Workbench is done!

Workbench is done!

I’ve trailed off on posting updates lately, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any. Quite the opposite actually, as the reason for the lack of updates is how busy I’ve been in my workshop.

First off, I finish my workbench 🙂


You can also see in the background there are some new additions to the shop. I’ve cleaned up my Grandfather’s old drill press and restored that to working order. As well, I added a new dust collector.

This past weekend I actually ran all the ductwork for the dust collector, so it’s in full swing now.

Next on the update list, is that I stepped up my Cutting Board creation game. I experimented with using a laser cutter to etch the board on this one (which was a birthday gift for a friend). It turned out better than I thought and I’ll definitely be using the laser cutter on future projects.


My last update, is my long awaited Dinning Room Table. This is the project that started my back into woodworking, but it has been horrible delayed 😛 I’m going to do a full post on the table, so that you can see before and after. For now though, you can have a sneak peak at what the tabletop will look like once it’s peiced together: