Logan – Go see it. ‘Nuff said

Logan – Go see it. ‘Nuff said

I went and saw Logan last night.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m about as big of a Marvel fanboy as you can be – so it’s no surprise that I was anxiously awaiting this movies release.

There were a couple reasons I was excited for this movie though, aside from just the “OMG MARVEL MOVIE” factor:

Rated R:

Like Deadpool, Logan is rated R. While this may not seem like a big deal, it is. The “Old Man Logan” story line wasn’t made for children. It’s dark, violent and gritty. It deals with death, depression, suicide, rage, and more. Making this movie PG-13 would have meant gutting the story and it’s dark undertones.

Disney has already put a firm “No Never” message out that they will not be making any rated R comic movies. Thankfully this franchise is still under the rights of Fox and even though they were reluctant, after Hugh Jackman agreed to take a pay cut – they made it happen


This movie marks the end of the Wolverine franchise. Fox will not be making additional Wolverine movies (though I’m sure X-23 will get her own story line) and Hugh Jackman said he wouldn’t do another.

Hugh Jackman has always been perfect for the Wolverine role. He does a great job bringing the character to life, and if he felt this movie did the character’s retirment justice… I needed to see it

The Story:

Just like any book, Comic Movies never truly follow the comic book story lines. They can’t. Sometimes it’s because in the comics they can kill everyone off and simply “reboot” the whole universe like it never happened. Othertimes, it’s because the Marvel character rights are split among several studios, meaning that even if they wanted to follow the comics they might not have the rights to feature certain characters. So going into Logan, I knew it was only going to very loosely follow the comic story line.

That was good enough for me

I knew if the movie was 1/4 as good as the comics, it would be amazing.

After now seeing it, I can thankfully report that I was right. Logan is an incredible masterpeice. It goes beyond the Comic genre and holds it’s own with great mainstream movies. Hugh Jackman was incredible and brought feeling to a character whom viewers could never connect in previous films. Patrick Stewart was finally given the opportunity to show how brilliant an actor he is. Lastly, Dafne Keen is an excellent new addition and welcomed new face to the story.

Logan is now one of my favourite movies of all time

Thank you Hugh Jackman, Patrick Steward, and James Mangold. I couldn’t have asked for a better send off for this character.