August marked my 5 year anniversary at Automattic.

This is a momentus occasion for two reasons:

First, it’s the longest that I’ve been at job in my adult life. My last four jobs before this were all in the 3-4 year span. I will say though, I hadn’t planned on leaving FreshBooks, as I was still quite happy and developing there. However life cicumstances (needing to move away and then struggling to be the only remote employee in the entire company), dictated otherwise.

Second, all Automatticians get to celebrate their 5 year anniversary (and every 5 years after that) with a three month, fully paid sabbatical.

It’s an incredible perk from an already incredible company (that’s always hiring by the way).

Much to my wife’s dismay, I have almost no plans for the entire three months. My plan is to wake up each day and see where the wind points me.

So here’s to kicking back, relaxing, and going with the flow!

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