Welcome to my new home, phil.blog!

I’ve had a lot of websites in my life, however they have always been very specialized. This meant that it didn’t always feel right posting some of the content that I wanted to share, as it wouldn’t be relevant.

I am aiming to fix that with this site!

This site is now going to be my primary presence on the internet. I will be using it to share random thoughts and memories, articles and opinions on customer service, and of course pictures of my pets… LOTS of pictures of my pets 🙂

Eventually, I’ll migrate all my online content here (including my email). For now, the mission is to get back in the habbit of sharing on a regular basis.

In the meantime, if you’d like, please feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin (the later of which, I hardly use).

Here’s to a long and healthy life to Phil.blog


p.s – if you want your own .blog domain, check out https://get.blog

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