Welcome to the Rock!

September brought my first visit to the rock (aka Newfoundland), for a good friends wedding.

St. John’s was a beautiful little town and I’d definitely love to go back and explore more of the island, as this was a very whirlwind tour.

The wedding was great. Seeing old friends was even better. It was also nice to see where Terry Fox started his legendary marathon of hope, especially since the following weekend was the Terry Fox run.

Willow also started at “Big Kid” school this month, when she went off to Junior Kindergarten. So far it’s been a surprisingly smooth transition! I feel like at any moment we’re going to start paying for it 😂

July Fun

Lots of rain. I enjoy thunderstorms, but it’s been colder than I would like.

We’ve still enjoyed the summer though, with Roller Coasters, Water Parks, Skunks, and lots of love.

February in a post

February in a post

Willow had her Tonsil/Adenoid surgery. Now our little girl can sleep without sounds like an old Harley Davidson. So happy to have that behind us after having it hanging over our head for so long.