Summer is almost wrapped up. With that, Willow is also wrapping up at her home daycare.

We’ve had Willow in a home daycare since September of last year. Finding the right daycare was a long and stressful process for us. Ultimately though, it was worth the journey as her provider (Paola) turned out to be better than we could have imagined.

In the year that Willow has been there, she has exploded in her development. Her talking, problem solving skills, social nature, and nap habbits all improved. Paola’s care and guidance had such a huge impact on Willow. She really became an extension of our family… which is why when she told us she was shutting down to pursue teaching, it hurt so much.

Immediately our thoughts went to: “What if we can’t find someone else that we like in time?”, “What if they aren’t as good and Willow’s development slows down?”, “What if Willow doesn’t like the new place?”…What if, What if.

After a bunch of research and comparing by my wife we settled on a new daycare. This time it’s a centre, not a home daycare. With COVID, the larger class sizes made us hesitant, however we feel that it is the right place for her.

In true Paola fashion, she’s planned an amazing send off week for all the children. Including Halloween in August, a Teddy Bear picnic, renting a ball pit and snow cone machine, etc.

So here’s to new adventures in September!

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